Sunday, July 25, 2010

Conscious Hoes--An Oxymoron

This is the current topic for A Queen By All Means radio show airing this evening at 9 PM. It has inspired me to write, not just because I understand its meaning, but because it affects me on a very deep level. It seems that as we evolve as women and become in tune with our true nature and for some, ultimate power, the desire for control extends beyond the mental and delves into the physical being. It is my opinion that these "conscious hoes" feel like they are controlling their partners with the elusive "power of the booty". It defines them in a way that is unparalleled. My heart truly bleeds for them. I am content to have my own opinions and live my life the way i see fit and leave others to their own devices, but my heart and soul aches for these sisters that feel the need to use their bodies to get what they want or to get their point across. The really sad part is that they don't understand that by being promiscuous and exploiting themselves in this manner, that for every step forward towards knowledge of self, they are taking three steps back into oblivion. I wish and hope for these women to find "the one". That partner that makes their bodies sing and their minds soar. Maybe then the promiscuity will end and real consciousness will take over. I still say to each his own and I don't knock anyone for seeking carnal pleasure. It's just my opinion that it is not liberating, it is limiting. I desire to be looked upon as a conscious sister on the road to enlightenment, my knowledge is my power, not what lies between my legs.

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