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Hi there!! Soooo...you decide to check out my blog and see just exactly who I am~~Thanks for that!!!!Photobucket

This blog began as a creative outlet for me. I feel that somewhere in this "special" mind of mine there is a story just itching to be told; It just hasn't made its way out yet. Anywho, while on this creative journey I became completely obsessed with deals, freebies, giveaways, and people that are just living fabulously frugal. I still intend on exploring my creative side, but I will incorporate it with my "obsession". This is all still very new to me and I am still learning how to navigate the blogosphere, so please bear with me. In time, I hope that my blog becomes one that you enjoy reading and following. I can be quite interesting when I want to be...lol (modest much???)!!

Now, on to the about me stuff...
I am a Mom of 4--Dorishea, 18; Angel, (12/2/92--4/13/93);Tyree, 16; & Brandon, 11. My children are my world!! I started very early and with a lot of struggle, but I enjoy every moment spent with them :) I often wish I could go back and freeze time so that they could have remained those sweet angelic little faces that clung to me fiercely, but then I couldn't marvel in the beautifully creative people they are becoming.





Currently I am "employment impaired", which simply means that I am unemployed but I think it sounds better my way. I chose to leave my job as a phlebotomist last year to return to college (To become a Registered Nurse). I am now actively seeking to return to work because life is truly "interesting" living on a single income. I am hoping to return to college in January, so I'll just play it by ear till then.

I'm sure you've noticed that I failed to mention a husband in all of this. It was only a minor over sight. My wonderful second half is beyond suportive. We're headed into our 13th year and still going strong. I love him beyond measure!!


In the past few months of my blogging experience I have come to realize that blogging is not just somewhere for me to let my creativity flow, it is a way of life for some. I hope to make blogging a big part of my life and look forward to meeting some great people!!!

This page will be continuously under construction as I slowly learn "the dos and don'ts" of blogging...Any and all criticism is welcome!! Thanks for stopping by and happy blogging!!

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Closer to Lucy said...

Welcome to bloggerhood! Looks like you're catching on fine! I look forward to getting to know you!