Sunday, June 30, 2013

Feeling The Need To Breathe Some Life Back Into This Blog

Today's title could be so many things , but the one that I chose seemed to convey the greatest reason for this post. I have allowed my blog to go by the wayside like so many others. The blog graveyard is littered with blogs that had great potential as well as those that truly should have been left alone. At the present I have no idea which category my blog falls into, but I am determined to hold onto it. This blog was of my own creation without help from tech savvy geniuses or web design giants and i am pretty proud of it. As I sit here on this early Sunday morning, the second day of my week-long vacation, I am pondering thoughts of what to do with my blog. Vision Supreme seemed a clever name at the beginning, but I seem to have lost sight of that vision. My goal was always to share what I found new and interesting and also to just express myself freely. How on Earth could I lose sight of that?? Life. That's how. I think that it is high time for clarity, revision, and just plain old honesty. Now to figure out what direction to send this be continued.....