Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Let's Get Moving With PlayStation®Move

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of PlayStation MOVE. All opinions are 100% mine.

Picture it. My house. Friday night. It's family fun game night. We're playing our typical family board games, and while they are lots of fun, it just seems that it could be better somehow. So I say to the rest of the family, “Boy, do I wish we had something that would make this day so much more fun!” Then, POOF!! Magically, this strange guy dressed in wildly iridescent clothing appears; a genie, perhaps? Anyway, he comes bearing a gift-the gift of movement. PlayStation®Move to be exact.

Okay, so there was no genie, but PlayStation®Move is very real. For $99, anyone can get the gift of movement, by purchasing the fantastic Move Bundle Package for your Playstation 3 System. The bundle comes packed full of goodies for your entire family to enjoy including an amazing demo disc that features the game Sports Champions™. We are huge fans of motion gaming in my house, and the competitive nature of interactive sports games with the added bonus of get-your-heart-going exercise can keep us entertained for hours. So, whether your battling your brother in a rousing Gladiator Duel, or playing an adrenaline-pumping round of Beach volleyball with the youngsters, major fun can be had by all. Personally, I can hardly wait to play Resident Evil 5 with PlayStation®Move. The graphics look amazing and the interactive controls of the PlayStation®Move controller seems like something that I could really appreciate.

PlayStation®Move is, in my opinion, the ultimate gaming system. Any game that can combine fun and exercise is tops in my book. Don't just sit there, get up and Move with PlayStation®Move!!!

Visit my sponsor: PlayStation®Move


Friday, October 15, 2010

Putting off the raking

Guest post written by Grace Kephart

I love the way that leaves look when they're on trees but I really hate it once they fall down all over my yard and I have to get them up. I've even toyed with the idea of just leaving all the leaves on the ground and seeing what they look like but I think that that's a sure fire way to make my house look like the creepy one on the block.

But then one night I was watching this show that showed how to be environmentally friendlier by taking some easy steps in your everyday life. That got me thinking that I should find something ot do with my leaves instead of throwing them away. I had just gone to www.cleartvbundle.com and switched over my internet service to it so I took the opportunity to look up something with it. Then I found something that you can just mow your leaves and they'll mix in with your grass. I'm pretty lazy so I think that I'm just going to do that.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010




Silent Flash Dance

A random moment in time full of expression. The kiddies decided to get together and do what they do best, DANCE!! I hope this is a first of many...the crowd was sparse but they had fun!! And I got to play with my video editing software!! Win-Win!!! Enjoy!!


My Nephews & My Son Performing the Tik Tok Parody Song

You gotta love the silliness!!!


100 Follower Giveaway

I am slowly, but surely inching closer to 100 followers and have decided that I will celebrate this milestone by hosting my first giveaway, hopefully the first of many. The prize(s) have yet to be determined, but could include a gift card and maybe some glade products (via CVS freebies!! Woohoo!) We shall see once I get there. Many thanks to all of my followers for sticking around while I sift through my scatter-brained mind. It will get better, I promise!!


Tuesday Hops!! Woohoo!! Get Your Hop On!!!

Okay, so here we are, it's Tuesday again. I didn't hop last week for various reasons, none of which really matter right now. I stated in a previous Tuesday Hop post that Tuesdays seem to be my "hop" day and it is really proving to be true. I'm participating in a lot of them this week as you can see!! I hope to see you all hopping about the blogosphere!! Happy Hopping Tuesday!!

Photobucket Photobucket To-the-TOP Tuesday The Coupon Challenge Tuesday Tag-Along


Monday, October 11, 2010

Are You On ExpoTV Yet???

Hey there peeps!! If you haven't had the opportunity to check out ExpoTV, you don't know what your missing. Don't worry though, I'll tell you, maybe....PSYCH!! (sorry for that, I had a middle school flashback!!) Basically it's product reviews via video. The incentives are pretty cool and you just may be chosen for their exclusive Tryology program, where you get to try out and review products, and of course the product is yours to keep, free and clear. I was recently chosen to participate in a Tryology program and I am so psyched (same word, new meaning, LOL). I am waiting for my package to come any day now (I'm keeping a tight lip about this so you'll be anxious with anticipation...are you anxious yet?? Truthfully, I just want you to be surprised). Be sure to check it out and watch my videos too!! I have had nothing but good experiences with Expo. So far I've uploaded 5 videos and redeemed points for $55 in gift cards (And still have enough points right now to get $15 more, gonna keep stacking for a giveaway...maybe..LOL). How cool is that!! All for a few minutes out of my day reviewing products that I already use (A big perk is that I get to use my video editing software which I love)!! HOORAY for EXPO!!! Click the link and try it for yourself!! ExpoTV


I'm In Blog Award Heaven :)

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

I'm sure everyone has heard that old cliche about looking for the silver lining of dark cloud more times than they can count. Well, here it is again!! I was feeling some type of way last night last week (sorry, this was written on 10/6) when I looked at my newly created blog hop with not a single follower. Then early this morning Tuesday morning, I had a comment on that post. I thought it might be some advice on how to get people to join my blog hop, but it wasn't. I was given an award, make that three awards. Imagine that, my scatter-brained, every which way but loose blog received not one, but three blog awards. Can I tell you that I was shocked? Okay, so I was REALLY shocked. This may just be a personal evaluation, but I have known for a while now that my blog lacks concise direction and focus. This is simply an extension of my mind; a mind that travels a million miles a minute, a blessing and a curse. Putting that aside, it seems that Tye over at Diary Of A Chic Mommy decided that my blog was worthy of the accolades bestowed to her from Sharina from Surviving Motherhood, Chanel from Diaries of a Supermom Diva, and Stacey from Butterfly Beauty. I feel honored and just a wee bit special. She didn't have to choose me, but she did :) BIG, HAPPY, HUGE, ECSTATIC THANKS TO TYE!!!! Anywho, on to the particulars of the award process:

So...you find that you are a winner of these awards...what do you do??

  1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
  2. Share 7 things about yourself.
  3. Pass the award along to 15 other bloggers who you recently discovered and you think are fabulous.
  4. Contact the bloggers you chose and let them know about the award.
That's it and that's all!! I feel privileged to be counted amongst the fabulous!!!

Seven Things About Me
  • I am in absolute love with the most amazing man and have been for the last 13 years and a very proud Mommy of four. (See more at Vision Supreme)
  • I just started blogging back in May just for the heck of it. I wish I had started sooner! I absolutely love blogging!!
  • I am currently waiting to return to college in January to finish my degree in Registered Nursing. 27 credits to go! WooHoo!!
  • Music makes me happy! It completes me!! Okay, I know that sounds really Jerry Maguire-ish but it's true. If you see me out and about, I always have my trusty mp3 player and headphones, which some may say is permanently attached.
  • I absolutely loathe horror movies, but I love to watch autopsies and surgeries...Go figure...I think I might be a little cuckoo for coco-puffs...who knows
  • Apparently, according to most people, my laughter is infectious and I laugh ALL of the time!! It just feels sooo good!!
  • The true geek inside me must admit that I am a Trekkie—Yep, I said it, A Trekkie—I absolutely love Star Trek and all of the spin-offs (Next Generation,Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise).
So that's me in a nutshell, and if someone would kindly let me out I'd be forever grateful!! Thanks :)

Drumroll please...........
The Bloggers that are at the top of my list Awesomeness are:
Charmed Valerie
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Glamour Girl Reviews
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New To Mom

Be sure to check these blogs out and you'll see why they are on my list!!!


Life Interrupted

As I sit here, almost at the end of my Monday, I am faced with a barrage of tasks that I have yet to complete. I think I lost my "Mommy Crown" last week and have been struggling to get it back ever since. I can hardly believe that i have not written a single blog post in over a week. All I can say is WOW!! Rummaging through my brain for reasons, I am left with none except that sometimes "routine life" gets interrupted. There were no major events this past week aside from a couple of routine physicals and my hubby starting a new job. (That deserves a little fanfare, so WOOHOO to my honey!!) My routine just sidetracked a little, A LOT!!

Anyway, my attempt at a blog hop was a total fail last Monday, so I'm going to call it quits, for now, and try again in a month or so when I get back on track. That aside, I have decided to set a new blogging goal for myself. The goal is to post at least once a day, even if it's frivolous. (Frivolity makes me smile) If you've been reading for a while, you'd know that this is sort of a repeat goal. I started this Thirty Questions--Thirty Days challenge on 8/27--Some 45 days ago...Yep...total FAIL!!! I am bound and determined to complete it!!! (Someday..LOL)

I think my real issue right now is finding the right time to get my blog posts up. Most times, the posts are already written, it's just a bit like pulling teeth to get them posted. I have a dream...that one day my 3 little BIG children will learn that Mommy must have her free time. If she doesn't, she becomes this mean, grouchy, bear of a person, that could possibly maul you. Just kidding...I think....Someone out there is going to think I'm nuts when I say this, but they were so much easier when they were younger. SERIOUSLY!! I am the proud and complete LOONY mother of two teens and a tween. YAYY...NOT!!!! Since school started, I don't know whether I'm coming or going. In my mind, it is me that is in school and they are the adults. I wish I could blink and make it so....(note to self--locate a Genie Lamp--call Major Nelson)

Well folks...that's it for now..I hope to post again before the night is through...Wish me luck---I think I'm gonna need it!!!


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Match My Mood Monday Blog Hop

Match My Mood Monday is a blog hop of sorts that incorporates the culmination of the latest spillage from my brain. What is this Match My Mood Monday, you ask? Have you ever found a song that just explains your mood or feelings as if it were created especially for you or about you? Well on Match My Mood Monday, I am asking you, my readers and future readers (hint-hint) to post a video, a link to a video, a song title, song lyrics, or even make up some of your own that truly expresses how you feel on this day. I am truly excited and interested in the songs that fuel your soul. I have decided to broaden my musical horizon a bit and hopefully you'll decide to link up, so that I may get a glimpse of the many other types of music out there in a unique and fun way. ( I hope it's fun for you too!!☺)

My Match My Mood Monday Melody
(say that five times fast!!☺☺☺)

This song expresses my Monday Mood this week. I am on a week of new beginnings and feeling all sorts of emotions. All that I know is that I am feeling GOLDEN!! How about you???


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happenstance Creations--A Fantastic Find!!

Thanks to a fabulous Blogmania win (Blogmania@BreeBree's), I was introduced to one of the best. Happenstance Creations is a fantastic Etsy shop specializing in high quality, unique stationery. My prize was a $10 GC to purchase my choice of stationery. I chose the Blue Butterflies Pastel and Ink Birthday Greeting Note Card with Coordinating Seal and the Golden Pear Fruit Illustration Mini Note Card with Glassine Envelope. My paper goodies boasted a simple, yet elegant design that suits my purposes completely. In addition to the birthday card, Susan, proprietor of Happenstance Creations, included a matching mini and coordinating note card seals that just makes it absolutely perfect and complete for my gift giving purposes. The mini will be attached to a gift bag and the seal will will be used to close the card. I actually found the perfect coordinating gift bag at a local store, so I am all set for my daughter's birthday. The Golden Pear cards will be attached to gift baskets for Christmas. It's amazing that I won this GC because I purchased my baskets months ago and they are golden in color with small fruit accents. How perfect is that??!! If you are looking for specialty paper products, Happenstance Creations is somewhere you want to be!! Outstanding quality, superb design, and super fast shipping!! Do yourself a favor, check out Happenstance Creations!! It is truly a fantastic find!!!

The pictures do no do these creations justice. They are really fantastic!!
Thanks Susan!! Thanks Bree!!
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♥♥♥In Loving Memory♥♥♥

As you can see, Vision Supreme has gone through a few changes today. I was prompted to do so by an email from Review Retreat. Breast cancer has touched my life and the lives of countless others across the globe. Going Pink For October is my small tribute to honor those that have dealt with the ugliness that is breast cancer. We pray, work hard for a cure and continue to support each other the best way we know how. If you or someone you know has been touched by this disease, I encourage you to go pink for October and link up with others that have done the same. It is my Vision Supreme to see a cure in my lifetime, how about you?? Be sure to check out the website http://pinkforoctober.org/ so you can link up with your fellow bloggers that have also gone Pink!! Also check out the site Feel Your Boobies--It has saved lives!!



Just A Rant About Some Stuff

Ambition is not a lifestyle, it should be an aspiration. However, this new generation of children don't seem to see it that way. We as parents do the best we can by them. We provide, counsel, nurture, support, defend and do all the things that good parents are made of. Yet, there is something that seems to be lurking beneath the surface. Something that threatens our dream for their futures. Now don't get me wrong, my children are absolutely wonderful in my eyes and the eyes of those around them. I am speaking about their generation in general. I listen to the daily gripes and concerns that these youth deal with and my mind is completely blown. I won't go into any details because it is completely beside the point. I will pray for them. They are our future and right now, it just desn't seem that bright. Maybe I just don't remember being that age (15-21). In my head, I like to think I was this model young lady at that time, but I know that is pretty far from the truth. I wonder if my mother had these same thoughts....hmmm..thoughts to ponder→



Thirty Questions--Thirty Days: Day 17 Someone You Would Want To Switch Lives With For One Day & Why

This is a hard one. I have never really thought about switching lives with anyone, ever. Sure, I have moments where I wish my life was better, but I wouldn't want to be anyone else but me. There are aspects of certain people's lives that I would love to have, such as Oprah's fame and fortune, Alicia Keys or John Legend's musical talents, or perhaps Ciara's dancing abilities (That girl can move!!!). With that said, I would not wish to trade lives with any one of them. Who really knows what happens day to day in other people's lives? I mean, I am a blogger and I frequent my social networks, but how many of you really know what I do everyday? My husband doesn't even know everything that I do daily. Walking in another person's shoes for a day would hardly give me even a glimpse of their lives. When I think of switching lives with someone, I think of those crazy movies where you touch something strange or say some random phrase, and you switch bodies with your mother, father, or even some random gross guy. Typically there is some underlying reason why these people should switch places. I have no desire nor reason to walk in anyone's shoes but my own. This is my life and I'll keep it, good, bad, or indifferent. I love being me, who knows, there just might be someone out there who wants to be me. Imagine that, two of me!! My family would go NUTZ!!!!! LOL!!!☺