Saturday, October 2, 2010

Just A Rant About Some Stuff

Ambition is not a lifestyle, it should be an aspiration. However, this new generation of children don't seem to see it that way. We as parents do the best we can by them. We provide, counsel, nurture, support, defend and do all the things that good parents are made of. Yet, there is something that seems to be lurking beneath the surface. Something that threatens our dream for their futures. Now don't get me wrong, my children are absolutely wonderful in my eyes and the eyes of those around them. I am speaking about their generation in general. I listen to the daily gripes and concerns that these youth deal with and my mind is completely blown. I won't go into any details because it is completely beside the point. I will pray for them. They are our future and right now, it just desn't seem that bright. Maybe I just don't remember being that age (15-21). In my head, I like to think I was this model young lady at that time, but I know that is pretty far from the truth. I wonder if my mother had these same thoughts....hmmm..thoughts to ponder→




Crystal said...

great post. I fear for this generation too- but I am also very hopeful. I think their "coming of age" experiences are VERY different from ours...but ours were VERY different from our parents. I am choosing to trust in the Lord, do right by Him, raise my children according to His word, and I pray constantly.


supremevision said...

@CrystalThanks for your thoughts Crystal. My mind is just reeling...your encouraging words give me a bit of hope.

K said...

It's not just ambition so many of them's self responsibility too!

I will tell you though, two things last week that gave me hope. (I have plans to post this on my blog too, so forgive me if you have to hear it twice.)

Last weekend a and I went to a local art fair. There's a big fountain near the area where protesters always gather. Sunday there were two members of the Westboro Baptist Church there holding signs against gay marriage. Now, regardless of anyone's personal feelings on the matter, I think we can all agree that spreading messages of fear and hate are wrong. Their signs claimed that the "gay agenda" was one of divorce, war, child abuse, abortion, drug use, etc. One claimed that the military should use gay soliders so only "bad people" would be killed in war.

Standing in between these two hate mongers was a young man in his early 20's holding a handmade cardboard sign that said "Whatever you are, I'll still love you."

Be the change.

That same day a and I wound up on a crowded city bus. While I have no issue having to stand, a is only 5, and I can't hold onto the bar AND her and brace myself. Everyone ignored us and avoided our gaze until a 12 boy looked up from his book and said "Here, would you like my seat?"

A bus full of adults in various ages, and it was the preteen who did the correct thing.

So...maybe there is hope after all!

supremevision said...

@KI truly appreciate your comment. I just finished a conversation with my 16 and almost 19 year old concerning what you wrote because those two children that you saw could have easily belonged to me. I teach them to be better and do better than expected. Many people expect children to adopt the negative ways of others where I pray for their knowledge and wisdom to propel them in greater directions. Thanks for giving me more hope. I am trying more and more everyday to see nothing but the best from their generation.