Saturday, October 2, 2010

Thirty Questions--Thirty Days: Day 17 Someone You Would Want To Switch Lives With For One Day & Why

This is a hard one. I have never really thought about switching lives with anyone, ever. Sure, I have moments where I wish my life was better, but I wouldn't want to be anyone else but me. There are aspects of certain people's lives that I would love to have, such as Oprah's fame and fortune, Alicia Keys or John Legend's musical talents, or perhaps Ciara's dancing abilities (That girl can move!!!). With that said, I would not wish to trade lives with any one of them. Who really knows what happens day to day in other people's lives? I mean, I am a blogger and I frequent my social networks, but how many of you really know what I do everyday? My husband doesn't even know everything that I do daily. Walking in another person's shoes for a day would hardly give me even a glimpse of their lives. When I think of switching lives with someone, I think of those crazy movies where you touch something strange or say some random phrase, and you switch bodies with your mother, father, or even some random gross guy. Typically there is some underlying reason why these people should switch places. I have no desire nor reason to walk in anyone's shoes but my own. This is my life and I'll keep it, good, bad, or indifferent. I love being me, who knows, there just might be someone out there who wants to be me. Imagine that, two of me!! My family would go NUTZ!!!!! LOL!!!☺


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