Tuesday, March 29, 2011

KidsBowlFree Registrations Are Open!!!!

My Family Is Registered For Kids Bowl Free...Why Don't You Join Us? Kids Bowl Free allows your family to bowl 2 Games FREE everyday all summer (May 1--August 31). Plus, there is a family pass option where parents, grandparents, older children that don't qualify for the Kids Bowl Free passes and babysitters can join in the fun and get the same great 2 FREE Game offer every day.

Visit http://www.KidsBowlFree.com for all the details.

Plus, when you register please enter my email address (katricemiller@hotmail.com) so our family is entered to win some great prizes including Gas Cards, Amazon.com Gift Cards, Weekend Hotel Trips, Restaurant Gift Cards and many more!

Please copy and paste my email address (katricemiller@hotmail.com) in the "Referred By" field on the registration page and we'll both be entered to win.

As soon as you register you'll receive an email to confirm your email address. You can then let other families know about Kids Bowl Free too...and have a chance to win these great prizes and enjoy all of the FREE Bowling!



Twitter Parties--I love 'em!!! (Part 3--My Second Win)

After winning a prize in the other twitter contest I was so ready to try again. On February 2, I attended The Lands' End Twitter Storm Twitter Party. I had so much fun chatting with so many of the people and the questions that we had to answer made my snow-day so much better (we got 4 inches that day). I figured I'd give it a shot because they were giving away 50 prizes over the course of four hours. Color me shocked and happy when I won a combed cotton throw from Lands' End. It has so become my favorite!! I chose to get it in the Dusty Clay color just because it was bright; I love bright!! I have purchased products from Lands' End before, so I am aware of the high quality merchandise they provide and this throw is absolutely no exception. Thanks LandsEndPR for a wonderful contest and prize!!


**The aforementioned opinions are 100% my own. I was not asked to write this review by Lands' End. I received the product for winning a contest.**


Twitter Parties--I love 'em!!! (Part 2--The First One)

My first twitter party was on January 26, the XigoHealth Twitter Party. As with all contests, I went in with a level head, totally not expecting to win anything, but of course really hoping! As luck would have it, I won the pre-party prize. I had no clue what the prize was until a few days ago when a package arrived with Xigo (pronounced “chee-go”) Maximum Immune Defense and a $20 gift card for Target. Can we say Woohoo!! I love free stuff, especially free money!!! I tried Xigo a couple of days ago mainly because this time of year always zaps my immune system with the change in the weather and the increased pollen index. I already had that yucky-stuffy-runny-who-knows-which nose going on, and the icky-sticky-watery eyes, so I knew I was in for it. I chewed two of the tablets as per the instructions and I must say that I was surprised. The next day I was totally symptom free. My very well used, almost empty box of tissues are not necessary. My sneezing fits have come to an end. I think I just may need to buy stock in this company, that 's just how good it is. I thank everyone over at MomSelect for introducing me to XigoHealth and huge thanks XigoHealth for a fantastic product.


**The aforementioned opinions are 100% my own. I was not asked to write this review by neither XigoHealth, nor MomSelect. I received the product and gift-card for winning a contest.**


Twitter Parties--I love 'em!!! (Part 1--The Intro)

Do you attend Twitter Parties? If you had asked me that 3 months ago I would have responded with a quizzical "what's that". For those who are like me and don't know what a twitter party is, it is basically a real-time forum where you learn about some great companies and their products (some we know, some we don't) with the added bonus of potentially winning some prizes. I received a newsletter from MomSelect & Maria Bailey (Founder of MomSelect) that first introduced me to Twitter Parties. I followed the link to RSVP and from there I was hooked. Twitter Parties are an amazing way to interact with various companies and consumers in a fun and informal fashion. I have attended somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 twitter parties and have won two prizes. I plan to attend more, but I really must admit that I am not the most savvy "tweeter". I am still learning about the various methods to attend the parties so that I can maximize my participation factor. Now to dish about my winnings--YAY ME!!


Monday, March 28, 2011

Crouching Bargains--Unhidden Treasure!!

Okay, okay, I know my title is a bit tongue in cheek, but it got your attention, right!!??☺ I want to introduce you to Vibe's Treasure Depot--a veritable cornucopia of bargains and deals. Whether you are in the market for some cool, new trinkets or are looking to upgrade your garden decor plus anything in between, I am positive that there is something there for everyone.


My treasure quest led me to this amazing 16-piece Chinese Wok Set. I love making authentic Asian cuisine in my home and the best tool for the job is of course a wok. My set included a standard 14-inch wok,(4) rice bowls, (4) Asian-style spoons, (4) sets of chopsticks, a wooden spatula, and a set of cooking chopsticks all for 30 bucks. On top of that, just for be Vibe's very first customer, I received a $10 gift card that I am itching to use. I have my sights set on this amazing tapestry called the Tribal Maiden Wall Art. I am so impressed with the quality of the wok set that I can hardly wait to see how the other products measure up. To purchase products visit http://vibestreasuredepot.com and also be sure to checkout her facebook fan page. I love to support women in business for themselves, I hope you do too!☺

**Products were purchased by me and opinions are 100% my own. Gift card was received after purchase. No monetary compensation was received for this review.


Nutella®...in a class by itself

Looking for a healthy and nutritious alternative breakfast solution? Maybe you're looking for a sweet snack that doesn't over power your senses. Look no further than your nearest grocer's shelf for Nutella® hazelnut spread. My family, friends, and I had the recent opportunity to give Nutella® a try thanks to MommyParties™ sponsored by Nutella® hazelnut spread. Nutella® has been around for years, but we had never tried it. We usually just stick to what we know as far as spreads go. Being chosen to host a MommyParty not only got us some free swag, but gave us the opportunity to introduce something new to our palates. I decided to host an impromptu snack party at which Nutella hazelnut spread was the star.I must admit that it was a huge hit across the board. There wasn't a drop left and Nutella is now a permanent staple on our grocery list. To quote my 12 year old son, "Nutella is amazing!!" Please, please, don't take our words for it, try it for yourself!! We absolutely loved it!! Thanks Nutella® and MommyParties™!!


For more info on Nutella please visit http://www.nutellausa.com/ and for info about MommyParties visit their website at
http://www.mommyparties.com/ or their facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/MommyParties.

**For hosting the party I received a party pack that included a jar of Nutella®, goody bags for my guests which consisted of samples of Nutella, a travel mug, and a spreader. We were missing coupons and recipe cards but the party was still a success.**