Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Twitter Parties--I love 'em!!! (Part 2--The First One)

My first twitter party was on January 26, the XigoHealth Twitter Party. As with all contests, I went in with a level head, totally not expecting to win anything, but of course really hoping! As luck would have it, I won the pre-party prize. I had no clue what the prize was until a few days ago when a package arrived with Xigo (pronounced “chee-go”) Maximum Immune Defense and a $20 gift card for Target. Can we say Woohoo!! I love free stuff, especially free money!!! I tried Xigo a couple of days ago mainly because this time of year always zaps my immune system with the change in the weather and the increased pollen index. I already had that yucky-stuffy-runny-who-knows-which nose going on, and the icky-sticky-watery eyes, so I knew I was in for it. I chewed two of the tablets as per the instructions and I must say that I was surprised. The next day I was totally symptom free. My very well used, almost empty box of tissues are not necessary. My sneezing fits have come to an end. I think I just may need to buy stock in this company, that 's just how good it is. I thank everyone over at MomSelect for introducing me to XigoHealth and huge thanks XigoHealth for a fantastic product.


**The aforementioned opinions are 100% my own. I was not asked to write this review by neither XigoHealth, nor MomSelect. I received the product and gift-card for winning a contest.**


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