Monday, October 11, 2010

Are You On ExpoTV Yet???

Hey there peeps!! If you haven't had the opportunity to check out ExpoTV, you don't know what your missing. Don't worry though, I'll tell you, maybe....PSYCH!! (sorry for that, I had a middle school flashback!!) Basically it's product reviews via video. The incentives are pretty cool and you just may be chosen for their exclusive Tryology program, where you get to try out and review products, and of course the product is yours to keep, free and clear. I was recently chosen to participate in a Tryology program and I am so psyched (same word, new meaning, LOL). I am waiting for my package to come any day now (I'm keeping a tight lip about this so you'll be anxious with anticipation...are you anxious yet?? Truthfully, I just want you to be surprised). Be sure to check it out and watch my videos too!! I have had nothing but good experiences with Expo. So far I've uploaded 5 videos and redeemed points for $55 in gift cards (And still have enough points right now to get $15 more, gonna keep stacking for a giveaway...maybe..LOL). How cool is that!! All for a few minutes out of my day reviewing products that I already use (A big perk is that I get to use my video editing software which I love)!! HOORAY for EXPO!!! Click the link and try it for yourself!! ExpoTV


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