Saturday, January 14, 2012

I Have Officially QUIT Candles!! Thanks Scentsy!!

Let me begin by saying Scentsy Wickless Candles have changed my life for the better!! I had heard about Scentsy a while back but didn't really think twice about them. Ever the skeptic when it comes to new products, I was thinking that it was just one more company trying to push another useless product on me. Well, when my sister told me she was going to become a Scentsy Consultant, my interest was piqued. You see, my sister is not one to just jump on the bandwagon when it comes to new products, so I knew there had to be something about Scentsy. Back in November, I attended my very first Scentsy party and I am so glad I did. There is something to be said about being part of a live presentation that makes the product come alive. The display was amazing and the products pretty much sold themselves, although I must say my sister was on point with her selling game that night!! One of the best parts of the presentation was when she allowed the hostess to select the scent for the display warmer. The hostess, my aunt, chose the scent "Be Still". After about 10 minutes, the entire first floor of her house was filled with this deliciously calming scent. If I had to describe "Be Still", I would say that it was a clean scent that invoked images of spa destinations and ocean waves. At that moment, I was sold and so were the other attendees. Sadly, due to the holidays my budget would not allow for the purchase of warmer at that time, but I vowed that I would get one or two or seven. I did purchase a couple of other items that fit my budget just fine though. The two products were the Scentsy Fragrance Foam and Travel Tin. I chose to get both items in the Camu Camu scent, a delightfully tropical scent that smells like peaches and pineapples to me. I also won a travel tin during a party game in the Sweet Pea and Vanilla scent which to me smells a bit like baby lotion. The travel tins are fantastic!! Working in a nursing home, I come across a variety of odious smells and my travel tins aid in the rescue of my senses. When I open them and wave them around the room, the raunchy smells are replaced by heavenly scents that I am eternally grateful for!! As for the Scentsy Fragrance Foam, I have to say I am a fan and will continue to be a loyal customer!! This Scentsy Fragrance Foam is not only an antibacterial, non-alcohol based alternative to hand washing, it also moisturizes and leaves a wonderful scent. I wash my hands A LOT and typically use an alcohol based hand sanitizer when I am not near a sink. I also have eczema on my hands which just adds to the dryness. I have found that using the Scentsy Fragrance Foam allows me to use less lotion on my hands in between washes. That is amazing!!! I heart Scentsy in a BIG way!!



Color me happy!! I got a Scentsy warmer from my Mom on Christmas!!! Woohoo!! She gave me the "Malta" warmer and I absolutely love it!! I also got a a Scentsy Bar from sister in the "Pumpkin Marshmallow" scent. I love this bar in a major way. When I warm it, my ENTIRE apartment smells like I'm baking pies and cookies!! YUM!!! Both my Mom and my sister gave me a few scent samples to try: "Linger"=smells kinda rosy, thumbs up!!; "Autumn Stroll"=smells like spicy apple cider!! thumbs up!!; "Comfort & Joy"=smells clean, kinda like Vicks, not a big fan, but still a thumbs up!! Scentsy rocks my socks off!!

Now please don't ake my word for it. Check out Scentsy and learn all about it for yourself so that you too can QUIT candles!! Visit my sister's website at, check her out on Facebook and Twitter as well: & @Smell_Vibes. Her blog is also up and running with an awesome giveaway, so don't delay!!! (hey that rhymed!!) ( Good luck and happy smelling!!!


**Disclaimer** All products were either purchased by me or were gifts from family. No monetary exchange took place for this review. All opinions are 100% my own and not directly connected to Scentsy.

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