Thursday, August 30, 2012


Life can be awesome, exhilarating, fantastic, devastating, debilitating, and destructive all at the same time. The key to keeping it all together is simply to focus keenly upon the positive while recognizing that the negative exists solely to keep you on the right path. I have to admit that the negativity that I have experienced in the last year or so has proven to be a worthy adversary. Without going into personal and private details I must say that it really has been hell. Things are looking up though. I had lost the desire to write and today I feel supremely inspired. This is a warning. You may be bombarded with the musings of my very cluttered, yet oddly clear mind today. Sometimes there are just things in there itching to get out and who better to share them with, but my readers!! To a happily fulfilled and prosperous to day to us all. Happy Thursday one and all!!!


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