Sunday, November 6, 2011

Getting My Fat In Check

In the next coming weeks you'll probably see quite a few blog posts from me solely dedicated to exercise and losing weight. Why? Because about 13 years ago this fat chick moved into my body and she just won't leave. I have tried with all of my might to evict her, but she just won't budge. It's time to take a stand. I will not allow her to live here anymore. With this in mind, I will be entering as many giveaways that I can that offer weight loss products and aides, or gift cards that will allow me to purchase said weight loss products and aides. Today I entered to win a PINK S2H Step Pedometer (a really awesome pedometer that allows you to earn rewards while keeping fit!! a total win-win!!)over at The Freebie Junkie's blog. She is big on promoting healthy activity and I truly appreciate it. Are you looking for a cool giveaway to enter? Head on over to The Freebie Junkie and enter to win. Your chances are as good as mine, although I think I should win!! Good Luck to us all!!


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