Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fleeting Inspiration

Though my readers are few, I do apologize for the short hiatus. For a brief moment, I lost my inspiration. It seems that as soon as I actually completed the task of getting this blog together, my brain went on pause. I love to write, in fact, I do it everyday. It may be a short poem, a journal entry, a long poem, or just the thoughts that spill out of my brain onto paper. In this last few weeks, my writing has become, in my opinion, very uniform. Don't get me wrong, uniform is okay, but not up to my own personal standards. I endeavor to do things all the way, never half way. As I get myself back in gear, I hope to give you some interesting things to read, some useful information, and hopefully some very engaging fiction. I enjoy all comments and hope you will subscribe.


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