Thursday, May 27, 2010

Listen and Learn.

I came across a story about a man, Desmond Hatchett, who fathered 21 children with 11 different women. Is this a crime? In my opinion it is a crime, a crime against the children. If this man knowingly procreated with these women it shows neglect and a complete lack of responsibility. There was no regard for the future support, mental and physical, of these children. The cost to support 11 children in this day and age is astronomical. How can this man possibly provide support for all of these children in any form?
The laws that have been enacted to ensure monetary support will inevitably fail these children if this man follows the current trend. Most men that are forced to pay child support and are unable, are placed in prison. This practice, which I find completely asinine, marks the beginning of a vicious cycle. Man gets job, man pays support, man loses job, man can't pay support, man goes to jail, man in jail can't provide support. Who loses in this scenario? The children.
The number of unsupported children in this country grows daily with taxpayers typically left holding the bill. How do we stop this number from growing? I am at a loss. Most schools give sex education, but if it isn't put into practice, what can you do? I wish that people were smarter about their choices. Even though I feel nothing short of repugnance for this man, Desmond, I can't hold him solely at fault. The women who mothered these children are not without accountability. We are human, therefore, not above fallibility. However, with the rising rates of STD's and unwanted pregnancies published daily, these women could have been a lot more careful about their choices. Their choice to have unprotected sex with this man clearly shows a level of disrespect for themselves, but now their offspring. My sincere hope is that we, as a people, become wiser and more vigilant in our choices. Our nation's children don't deserve the blatant disrespect and disregard that was obvious in the case of Desmond Hatchett. Wake up America. Listen. The knowledge is out there, if you choose to accept it.


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