Sunday, May 16, 2010


Sleep, my darling, restful sleep, oh how I miss you!!! From time to time I must deal with sleeplessness. It is sporadic, but still a pain in rump. Who knows what causes it, I have just learned to work through it. Now that I have become a part of the blogging community, chances are, this will be where my sleepless nights will be spent. This morning's (It is now 3:30am) sleepless blog will introduce you to a few of my favorite gadgets. By no means am I a gadget or electronics junkie; I just have a few things, old and new, that I feel are essential to my well being. (and those around me..LOL)

First and foremost is my laptop:
Gateway MD7309u Notebook
Technical Details
* Intel Pentium T4200 2.0GHz
* 15.6" LCD Widescreen
* Includes 3GB DDR2 and 250GB HD
* Also includes DVD±RW/CD-RW / webcam / Windows 7 Home Premium

This is my lifeline to the world. I am not a TV watcher, so the internet is where I learn about what is really going on in the world. It may not be the best on the market, but for me it is the best!!! Thumbs up to Gateway!!

Next is my beloved digital camera:
Kodak EasyShare C180 10.2 megapixels

Nothing fancy but the color, but it has the features that I desire and does not require a degree in electronics to figure it out. It goes where I go. I think I must have been photographer in another life!!! I think I shall change my middle name to Kodak---LOL

My next must-have-on-hand-at-all-times gadget is my 2GB memorex traveldrive:

I should probably upgrade to something larger, but this little beauty has been my friend for a while now. It is actually attached to my keys, so it is truly with me at all times. It seems that whenever I visit someone, I always end up getting pictures from them via the computer. It saves them the trouble of printing them and me the guilt for losing them after. It also has served me well for college. Many papers have been written from the research saved on this flashdrive. I owe my 3.85GPA (should've been a 4.0-curse you advanced Chemistry B+)to Memorex traveldrive!!!

Last, but certainly not least is my trusty ZEN stone mp3 player:

This little guy has been with me for almost three years. It's compact, rechargeable, dependable, and didn't cost me an arm and leg. I have logged probably 5000 miles listening to my ZEN stone....for me it is enough.

Anywho, now you know the gadgets that get me through my days...and my sleepless nights!! Oh my dear sleep, you have returned, how I've missed you----->>>>

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