Monday, May 10, 2010

New to blogging

What can I say...blogging has been on my mind for a while now, but I just didn't put the plan in motion. Thanks to newly found old friend I was hooked up to this site (Thanks Mr. Love!!). This will be a place for me to express my inner most thoughts, ideas, and feelings. I will also be offering advice and giving information about things that are important to me. Feel free to post comments!!

Poetry written exclusively by me:

By: Supremevision©
I am strong, black and proud
I sing low but loud
you can't clown
I am the epitome of glory
the reticence of valor
I hold the supremevision
in my heart it beats
it my soul it roars
from my breath it resounds
I embody the power
because it is my right
With my sight I see
all that is given
I behold the world as it changes
And embrace it lovingly
Baby..I am here
I haven't arrived
I was always here
Who am I, you ask
All powerful I am
My light shines through
I am the sun
My soul runs deep
I am the Earth
My intelligence invokes mystery
I am the moon
I encompass everything and all
I am the universe!!!

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