Monday, December 20, 2010

Get your swag on!!

Do you get your swag on? Meaning do you use swag bucks yet?? If you don't, you should!! Who doesn't love free stuff? Wouldn't it be awesome to get free stuff for things you already do online anyway?? Well, with swagbucks you can do just that. There are many ways to earn swag bucks, but I usually earn them by simply using the swagbucks toolbar for searching the web. On a good day I earn about 30 to 40 swag bucks. I have already cashed in some of swagbucks for 60 bucks in Amazon gift cards-a sweet bonus for my Christmas budget!!

Search & Win

Sign-up is a piece of cake and if you do so before Dec. 31st at 11:59EST and use code JoinIn2010 you get an automatic 60 swagbucks! (usually only 30) So what are you waiting for click HERE and get your swag on and get to earning some free stuff!! I know you wanna!!!


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