Monday, December 27, 2010

Secret Santa Gone Awry...

This year marks my first Christmas as a blogger and to celebrate I decided to participate in a Secret Santa Swap hosted by a couple of my favorite bloggers (Survey Junkie & Simply Stacie). I followed the rules explicitly and mailed my Secret Santa gift by December 1st. The blogger that I was matched with said to surprise her and I think I did. I read her blog daily for a few weeks and when I found a post that gave me some gift giving help, I went with it. I found out that her favorite movie is Gone With The Wind. Since I am ridiculously busy most of the time, most of my shopping is done online, usually with, this being no exception. Keeping the $15 limit in mind, I ran with it. I must say that I think I did fantastic. I gave her the DVD, Gone with the Wind (Two-Disc 70th Anniversary Edition), the book, Scarlett: The Sequel to Margaret Mitchell's "Gone With the Wind" , a Vanilla Bean candle (also something she mentioned in her post), and a Live, Love, Laugh Beaded Bookmark. I know it seems like a lot, but Amazon had some really good deals that week. I actually spent $20 instead of $15 because I didn't have to pay for shipping. All in all, I think my gift was a good one. My reason for stating all of this is that I have had no mention of my gift even being received and have not received anything in return. I am not out to bad mouth anyone, I just think that it was a bit unfair for me to have spent my hard earned cash and to have spent time meticulously choosing the most appropriate gift and then have no reciprocation. I am not bitter or angry, just disappointed. Trust and honesty are two of many principles that I live by and would never leave someone hanging like this. I choose not to link this to any blog hop or to even mention her name or blog name because I don't want to bring any negative attention to her. I just needed to rant a bit. I had a really good Christmas and got almost everything that I wanted. I hope she did too!! No hard feelings, I'll just be a little skeptical next time around, and there will be a next time. I love giving and getting presents!!!
Happy Holidays all!! What do you have planned for your New Year's Celebration???


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