Monday, December 20, 2010

On The Fence

I am thinking of buying something from an infomercial. Typically I flip the channel when those are on, but this morning was different. I was watching the infomercial for Brainetics while waiting for my son to get ready for school, and I must admit, I was intrigued. I have always struggled with math. Now please don't misunderstand, I am good at math, it just doesn't come to me easily. I was that kid in high school that would fret every time there was some big math test, especially if it was timed. I usually did well, but not withstanding a lot of blood sweat and tears. I caught the infomercial in the middle and it displayed a math problem: 109 x 109. They showed the trick on how to get the answer sans pen and paper and I tried it myself. I am still excited that I actually did this problem in my head, and it was RIGHT!! If only you could see inside this mind of mine and really get a grasp on how I normally tackle math. Only then could you know the level of joy I found in doing that one problem. I've been researching Brainetics all day and found a lot of mixed reviews, but I am still a believer. My only issue is that it's Christmas time and so much has already been spent on other gifts. I would love to give this as a gift for the entire family. (except for the hubby, he already does math in his head his own way) I think my children have inherited my disdain for all things math and I'd like to make it a little easier for them. If you have any thoughts on this, if you've tried it, or if you just have some math-related tips in general please feel free to comment. Before I shell out 150 bucks for a program I'd love some more insight.

**I am in no way affiliated with, nor have I received any form of compensation for this post. I am simply seeking advice from my fellow bloggers on a possible future purchase .**

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