Sunday, December 12, 2010 More Than Just Shoes

When I think of what immediately comes to mind is shoes. My first introduction to was by pure happenstance a few years ago, when I was shopping for shoes for my very-hard-to-fit daughter. Through search engines, by word of mouth, and countless other methods, was placed at the top of my list. The major selling point were their offers of free shipping both ways and hassle free 365 day return policy. Thankfully it wasn't necessary to utilize this service, but it is great that it is there. My first experience with them was fantastic and I've been a loyal customer ever since.

Now, here I am faced with another dilemma. It's Christmas-time and time to buy a new jacket for my daughter. Of course this can't be just any jacket. It absolutely must be a stylish, yet unique jacket, and has to fit this very-hard-to-fit young lady. In the back of my mind, I always knew that offered more than just shoes, but I never really considered them as a shopping option for other items. That is, until now. features some of the latest jacket styles and trends at extremely reasonable prices. At the present I have three jackets from that I am considering: JWLA's Karida Military Jacket in charcoal gray, DKNY's Wool Band Leader Jacket in deep black, and Element's Marjorie Jacket in charcoal heather. Any one of these jackets would compliment my daughter's funky and eclectic style and not one of them will break my bank. Now the only dilemma I face is which one to chose. From here on in, I will be sure to include at the top of my list when shopping via internet. Great Selection. Top Name Brands. High End Designers. Definitely more than just shoes.


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