Saturday, September 24, 2011

****House Party Alert****

Have you heard of HouseParty?? Well, if you have you know how excited I am to be hosting yet another HouseParty. If you haven't, then I must ask WHY??? You must check it out!! I am hosting my 6th, yes I said 6th House Party. It feels so good to be chosen out of the thousands of applicants. For me there's nothing better than winning free stuff, especially stuff that i use so much. My latest party is the Be The Chef With Chef Boyardee house Party. I absolutely LOVE Chef Boyardee. Be it for a my children's lunch, a quick afterschool snack, or even a quick no-fuss dinner, Chef Boyardee has always been on the top of my list. The faves in my house are the beefaroni and mini ravioli. I have decided to make this party just for the children. I have invited a few of my children's friends over to try out the Chef Boyardee recipes. To keep to my budget I have decided to do my favorite recipe out of the bunch, Ravioli Lasagna. It combines two of our favorite meals!! I will have seperate pans for each of the kids to create their own lasagna and of course take home bowls. (as if there will be leftovers FAT CHANCE!!) I can hardly wait to see how they do. they kids range in age from 11 to 20. I think it's pretty cool to let the younger ones experiment with new recipes while the older ones can actually learn how to make something almost gourmet on a young person's budget. I received my party pack last week. I will say that the bells and whistles that were a part of my previous party packs were not really a big feature of this box, but I did get a few goodies to share.

For Me:

6 Coupons for (1) free can (15 oz. or smaller) of Chef Boyardee
1 Chef Boyardee tote bag
1 Chef hat (See Pics for it's Awesomeness!!)
5 Chef Boyardee Recipes

For My Guests:

13 Coupons to save $0.50 on Chef Boyardee (They double , so free at most stores!!)
13 Chef Boyardee notepads
13 Chef Boyardee recipe info cards

Because my budget is limited, I decided that I will just use all of the coupons and make my parting gifts for the party the notepad, a pen, and a can of Chef Boyardee (unless I find something cool and cheap between now and Saturday**fingers & toes crossed**) . I've never done food as a party favor, but I am sure with the kiddies it will go over well.


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