Saturday, September 24, 2011

I Spy With My Little Eye....


Today I came across a really awesome blog hop that seems to be right up my alley. I've never really joined a photo blog hop (with the exception of Wordless Wednesdays) simply because my pictures always seem less than stellar next to some of the others entered. My Mad Mind and Dazee Dreamer have come up with an awesome solution to my problem. Their creation of the I Spy Blog Hop allows us folks with a passion for amateur photography or just a ridiculous obsession with their cameras (me me me!!) to share their photos with the blogosphere. How cool is that??!! It also gives me more reason to take my camera everywhere (as if I needed a reason LOL!!) in hopes that I just might spy the object of the week.

The rules are simple:
**This is a Thursday Hop even though I am doing it Saturday. I just wanted to get in on the fun!!**
Each week there will be two categories: one chosen or suggested and the other is your choice. The only thing they ask is that the photo be taken by you. The object of this meme is to just have fun and share photos. The photos may be archived, altered or taken by phone and suggestions for categories are welcomed. Yayyyy!!

This week's category is Lamp(s):

I didn't get to go out and take any new photos this week due to rain and my crazy schedule so I scoured my archives for these.

Street lamps in front of Radio City Music Hall

My boys mesmerized by a Christmas bell lamp

My choice:
My local park, City Park. A little peace and serenity in a busy city :) I heart this place for quiet walks (except for the playground and b-ball court LOL)


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Mad Mind said...

I love the lamps! That Christmas shot is awesome! The shot of the trees in the park is great! I'm so glad you joined in the fun. The more the merrier.