Tuesday, August 24, 2010

$50 GC Vinylize It Giveaway via HSUper Parents!!!!

I just entered to win another fabulous giveaway!!!
***To all those that actually read my blog, sorry for being away for so long, but I am still learning how to make my blog better. That certainly does not excuse my absence, but it's an explanation nonetheless. I hope you enjoy the changes that are coming soon!***
Back to the topic at hand!! I have been entering giveaway after giveaway for the last few months and have come across some really amazing bloggers. I have not really shared them with you and that is one thing that intend to change, beginning today. I just entered a giveaway contest for a $50 gift card for an amazing site, VinylizeIt, via a great blogsite, HSUper Parents. I am excited to win and even more excited to share this with the blogosphere(don't you just love blog lingo!!)Good luck to all that enter~~especially me :)!!!


Disclaimer***I am not affiliated with VinylizeIt nor HSUper Parents. This post was in response to a giveaway that I truly hope to win. This is my first disclaimer, so if it isn't worded properly, please let me know fellow bloggers.***

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