Sunday, August 29, 2010

Thirty Questions--Thirty Days--Day 02- The meaning behind your blog name

Day 02-The meaning behind your blog name

The meaning behind my blog name is not really that complex. Vision Supreme, simply describes the way I view life in general. Vision is defined as the act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be. Supreme is defined as highest in degree or quality. Putting the two together, for me, means that I am hopeful for blessings and will see them with "supreme vision" or in less cryptic terms, clearly and positively. I recently began a journey toward claiming a better life for me and my family, and while doing so I learned about the power of positive visualization. If I visualize it, the possibility can become reality. My faith keeps me strong, while my wisdom urges me toward a life full of amazing potential. To those that still don't understand the reason behind my name, just think back to when you were a child. Was there ever something that you really, really, wanted and you hoped, wished, prayed, begged, and maybe even grovelled for it? Then you actually did get it and felt happiness beyond measure? (sorry to those that didn't get it--I am only basking in positivity) That is the way I am approaching my life and by living positively and rebuking the negative, and thus keeping my "Vision Supreme".


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