Thursday, August 12, 2010

I actually won a giveaway!!!

Hello to all those out in blogger universe. I won!!! I mean it, I actually won a giveaway on someone's blog. I must admit that I went into it pretty skeptical. I am typically a glass is half full kinda girl, but over the last few months I have entered countless giveaways and contests only to be met with disappointment. Today, however, was quite the opposite. During my evening perusal of my email, I came across one that read "Joy Of Soap Winner", and can honestly say that I was a bit excited. Who doesn't love to be chosen "the winner"? What's even more amazing is that I won something that I am actually going to use. After years of suffering with eczema and doing countless hours of research, I have found that all natural products are my safest bet. Now I get to try some amazing products without losing anything out of pocket!! How awesome is that!!!???
Thanks Melissastuff!! Thanks Joy Of Soap!!

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