Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Joy Of Soap Review

If you are one of my "many" blog readers you may recall a recent post in which I mentioned that I won a $40 GC for The Joy Of Soap Website. I thought I'd give a brief review of my experience with the soap simply because I think it's just great soap. With my GC I ordered one of each scent on the home page (there are eight) in the 2 oz. size(there are 3 on the sale page that I didn't get to try, sadly). My favorite (it was truly hard to choose) out of the bunch would have to be "The Two In The Shower Tea Tree" and not just because of the name (**naughty thoughts**hee hee). This particular bar of soap left my skin feeling tingly and fresh and the scent melded well with my body lotion afterward. What more could I ask for in a soap? The fact that their soaps are made with natural oils and exfoliants is a major bonus. I was "blessed" with troubled skin (acne, eczema) and it's really hard to find anything on the market that doesn't irritate or inflame my skin in some way. More often than not I seek out all-natural products that will aid in keeping my skin as healthy and clear as possible. I have found this in the soaps from The Joy Of Soap. According to the website, there will be scrubs, cleansers, and creams coming in the Spring of 2011. I can hardly wait to try them out!!

***The Soap Names Are Awesome!!***
Two In The Shower Tea Tree
Manly Man
Lay Me Down Lavender
Feeling Frisky
Peppermint Passion
Rosy Cheeks Rosemary
Ginger Snap!
Elizabeth's Wild Hair Shaving Soap
**Not Pictured**
All Night Almond
Cranky Pants Pear
Cucumber Curious

My Favorite!!Two In The Shower Tea Tree!! Check out that rich lather...mmmmm...lather!!!


**Disclaimer: The opinions in this review are 100% my own. I purchased the aforementioned products with a giftcard won in a giveaway on the MelissaStuff blog site. I was not asked to do this review by The Joy Of Soap or MelissaStuff and no compensation was received. **


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