Sunday, September 12, 2010

Boost Mobile...It Just Makes Sense

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.

With the current state of the economy being less than bleak, it's always a pleasure to see companies trying their best to keep their customers happy by saving them money. Boost Mobile is one such company. I've always known that Boost Mobile offered low-cost solutions that give opportunity for everyone to enjoy the convenience of cell phone service. Until now, I truly had no idea how many services they actually offer, which I am happy to say are quite vast.

My current cell phone service is extremely limited and basic, so I am looking to upgrade. I honestly believe that Boost Mobile is the answer to my prayers. The biggest plus about having service with Boost Mobile is that there is no-contract or activation fee. In my own experience, those high-cost, low-quality contracts is what deterred me from actually signing up with other companies. Boost offers three different plans (with many “extras” that can be added) that are sure to meet everyone's needs perfectly. Each plan features unlimited talk, text, web, email, 411, and instant messaging for rates starting at just $2 a day. How awesome is that?! Also, there's no need to worry about a monthly bill with Boost Mobile. You can purchase a Re-Boost card from one of the 100,000 locations nationwide, online, and by phone. There's even an option to set up automatic payment, how's that for convenience?? In addition, if you wanted to Re-Boost another person's phone (maybe your child or as a gift), using your credit card, you could do so without attaching your card to their account. I think I know what my children are getting for Christmas this year, Boost Mobile phones!!!!

Speaking of Boost Mobile phones, I was very pleasantly surprised by the selection of phones. They offer some of the best phones on the market from very reputable companies such as Samsung, Sanyo, Motorola, and Research In Motion. Another great aspect is that they operate on the Sprint Network, which as we all know, is one of the best! Being able to depend on my network is one of the greatest driving forces when I'm choosing a cell phone service. I am a complete and utter “internet junkie” and Boost Mobile can soothe my itch. Whether I need to check my email, update my facebook status, or see the latest on twitter, Boost Mobile is there. I personally believe that it's nothing short of amazing to be able to keep an eye on all of my social media sites for such a great price per month. Now, back to the phones...I have my eye on two in particular, the Blackberry Curve 8330 smartphone and the Motorola i1. They are both offered at great prices and would satisfy my needs perfectly. It's so hard to choose!! I honestly think the Blackberry Curve will be my ultimate choice. I have admired my sister's Blackberry for some time now and I think it's time to try it out for myself. If you'd like to check out these phones or any of the other great phones that Boost Mobile offers, just click on any one of the links, you will thank me later!! Boost Mobile is worth your time and effort.

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