Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Happily Healthy Find-Katz Gluten Free

I recently began a search concerning my family's overall eating habits. My oldest son (now 16) has always had a large amount of food allergies which we dealt with by simply avoiding the things that he is allergic to. What resulted was a very limited amount of items that were consumed in my household and subsequently a very bland grocery list. For the last 10 years, our grocery list hardly ever varied. We mainly avoided nuts, wheat, and dairy products. This kept him healthy and taught our other two children to truly watch what they eat. That worked for a long time, actually up until now. I realized after a very lengthy physical for my youngest son (11), that he is not getting enough nutrients in his diet. It seems that by limiting our diet to such a great extent, I have actually caused my son to be a bit under-nourished. I always gave them the supplements that I thought they needed, who would have thought it wasn't enough. To top things off, I find out that my son has a bowel disorder, most likely complicated by his limited diet. Can you say WOW!!?? The disorder is not serious, but we need to treat it as such so that he can become regular again. His pediatrician suggested placing him on a Gluten-free diet along with his supplements and hopefully within the next three months, we can see some positive results. I won't go into details about his condition because 11 is a very sensitive age and he would be totally mortified if I discussed "his ailment" in detail online.

Any-who...my search for Gluten-free products in my area was a bit like trying to find a needle in a haystack. (always hated that phrase, I mean really, who's sewing when they are near a haystack??) I came up with a few places, but the cost of the products was totally astronomical. I averaged the cost of the products into my weekly grocery budget and realized that I need to seek other alternatives. With the Gluten-free products added (and others substantially reduced), my grocery bill would almost triple. That is not going to fly in my house!! After this deduction I began searching online for affordable products that both taste great and won't blow my grocery bill up like an H-bomb.

As if it were fate, the very first company I came across, Katz Gluten Free, not only offered great prices, they have a *free*(you pay shipping) sample pack that allows you to try their products without committing to a large quantity. Absolute genius in my book!!

Well My sample pack arrived today and all I could say was wow! It included 4 different breads, a slice of cake, a roll, a muffin, a cupcake, cookies, and rugelech. This is probably the most amazing and generous sample pack ever. I am saving most of it for my son to try, but I absolutely had to try the chocolate cupcake. I am a complete chocoholic and the fact that this contained no dairy intrigued me to say the least (I have a very recent lactose sensitivity). Let me tell you, and this is no exaggeration, this was THE best chocolate cupcake that I have ever had in my life. I mean that! Don't take that statement lightly either. My chocolate obsession goes deep!! Also, what this means is that my oldest son can have them too. No more lack-luster dessert disappointment for him!! Even if you are not one that "needs" gluten-free products, you simply must try Katz Gluten Free.



What makes this feel even more special for me is that just last Friday (9/17), I won a $25 GC for Katz Gluten Free over at Survey Junkie's blog. WOOT, WOOT!! Like I said in the beginning, it must be fate. I think we will be customers for a long time to come!!

**Disclaimer: The opinions in this review are 100% honest and my own. I purchased the aforementioned products with my own money and I was not asked to do this review by Katz Gluten Free or Survey Junkie. No compensation was received in any form. **


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