Wednesday, September 8, 2010

CVS Challenge Tackled, Freebies By Mail, & Giveaway Items That I Won!!

I set out today to attack the $5 CVS challenge like a beast and guess what?? I WON!! LOL!! I went in armed with my Extra Care Bucks and sheer determination and came out victorious!!

Only 1 transaction today; Why? Because I am just that good!! just worked out that way :) Last Monday, I went to CVS to buy just one thing, the Phillips Headphones that were on sale for $6.99, and got back $6.99 in ECB's. SWEET!!! I was totally psyched and ready for this week!!

My only transaction:
Bought (2) Trident Layers Gum @$0.99 each
Used (1) B1G1 Coupon (from facebook)

Bought (2) High Octane Energy Chews @$1.99 each
Used (1) B1G1 Coupon (don't remember where I got it)

Bought (4) SoBe Lifewater @$1.69
Used (2) B1G1 Coupons (from SoBe Heads or Tails Game)

Bought (2) Wisk 50oz. Laundry Detergent @$8.99
(on sale B1G1)
Used (1) $3.00/1 (from 8/29/10 P&G)

Bought Doritos Pizza @$0.99 (because my son just HAD to have them LOL)

Used $6.99 ECB's from last week

Total OOP after ECB's and Coupons+tax= $3.13

ECB's Earned= $0.99 $ $1.99 (which means I really only spent $0.15 WOOT WOOT!!)

Total Value= $32.86 + $2.98 ECB's for next week!! YAYYY!! I don't think CVS is ready for me!!

Now for the Freebies by mail--I recently won the "CapriSun 100% Fun House Party" from and got my prize pack today. It was filled with all sorts of goodies!! I love House Party!! I can't wait till my party date!!


I also received an issue of People Magazine, An LL Bean Catalog, 2 P&G Samplers, Cheetos, ArtsCow Notepad, and a totebag from VistaPrint :)

In addition to all of the stuff above, I have won four giveaways in the last three weeks!! YAYYY for me!! On 8/23/10 I won a Thirty-One Bag from The Smart Coupon Lady

On 9/2/2010, I won a Stubb's BBQ gift set and a hat from CheapSkate4life

I also won Cake Crystals from Family Musings and a Pump It Up Party Goodie Bag from Busy Moms Guide...can hardly wait for my prizes to arrive!! My winning streak is AWESOME!! I hope it continues!! I have never been this excited to check the mail, see the UPS Guy, or The Fed Ex Guy. A great big thank-you goes out to all those that host and/or sponsor the giveaways,, all the blogs that list freebies, and Lady Luck!!


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3 Cuzins @ Cuzinlogic said...

Wow, you did a great job at CVS! I always go in with a plan and get sidetracked, because my husband always wants something that's not on the list... And, those are some great freebies and awesome prizes you won. Although, I'm a little jealous about the House Party, I didn't get in! :)

Almost forgot, I grabbed your button!