Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Really, Really, Really, Want To WIN!!!

REALLY!! LOL...Seriously though, I do want to win this giveaway. Of course I would love to win every giveaway that I enter; Cheapskate4Life's Stubb's BBQ giveaway is no exception. This is actually not the first time that I heard about Stubb's BBQ sauce. I watched a program on TV some time back about BBQ spots across the country and I remember Stubb's being featured on it. I wanted to try it then, but couldn't find it anywhere. Here it is again and being given away no less!! I am just tickled pink (okay, I'm brown, but you know what I mean LOL). I am so glad that I found this giveaway, not only because I want to win, but it also linked me to Stubb's website. I have contacted them to find out where I can purchase Stubb's BBQ sauce in my area. Good luck to all the enter!!(especially me hee hee)


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Cheapskate4Life said...

YOU WON! :) Woohoo!! I am so happy that you won this giveaway and are excited about Stubbs BBQ! It is some tasty stuff, for sure! You will love it! Thanks for being a faithful follower!